The Wheaton Haunted Halloween Flea Market Saturday October 29, 2022 welcomes The Ooozin’ Ahhhs!

The OOOZIN AHHHS, the Halloween Band From Chicagoland!

Unsociable and unhygienic, the monsters in the OOOZIN’ AHHHS put the FRIGHT back in stage fright. Available for autumnal festivities of any sort… weddings and BAT-Mitzvahs, birthday parties and inurnments. Grave robbing and cradle rocking, witch burning and apple bobbing, the OOOZIN’ AHHHS are ghoulishly versatile. Perfect for exorcisms, baptisms, or BOTH.

Aiming to kill the living, rumored to raise the dead, WHATEVER your plans, you simply cannot afford NOT to book this band when they emerge from the crypt for a limited time every year.

Banging out cuts of yore (and gore) by the ugly and pulchritudinous alike, the OOOZIN’ AHHHS can’t help but reproduce their tantalizingly terrifying sounds; unearthly, otherworldly noises by the graven likes of Griz Green, Lord Sutch, the Cramps, the Cords and the Crypt Kicker Five, to name a few. With their own less than traditional sounds, the OOOZIN’ AHHHS are guaranteed to deliver spiked candy smothered, scalding taffy covered ditties and dirges, Rock n Roll hits by the flaming, high flying hearse load!

Contact manager Bryan Van Death and the leave the REST in peace. With the OOOZIN’ AHHHS, there simply is no need for any other act. Because in the words of the immortal Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, the ooozin’ AHHHS don’t care if you want them, they’re yours RIGHT NOW.

An Ooozin’ Ahhhs show includes music by artists such as:

Screamin’ Lord Sutch
The Cramps
Bill Buchanan
Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers
Bela La Goldstein
Carole Bennett
and many others…
The Ooozin’ Ahhhs also have a number of original songs crafted by the monsters themselves.

The Ooozin’ Ahhhs

DuPage County Fairgrounds

Flea Market
2015 Manchester Rd,
Wheaton, IL 60187
Phone: 715-526-9769
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