Chicagoland Grayslake Illinois Antique Vintage Flea Market

2021 Grayslake Illinois Antique “Flea” Market Dates:

  • December 11 & 12, 2021

Show Hours: Saturday 9am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 3pm / $7 (TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE GATE)
Free Parking. *Children 12 and under are free with an adult
Early Buyers Saturday 8am to 9am / $25

The Lake County Fairgrounds has notified us that only “Licensed Service Dogs” are permitted on the Lake County Fairgrounds during the Grayslake Antique Flea Markets. Thank you for your cooperation.

The “Grayslake Antique Flea Market” is a federal trademark registered by Zurko Promotions

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Grayslake Antique Market

December 11 & 12, 2021

Lake County Fairgrounds
1060 E Peterson Rd,
Grayslake, IL 60030

Vendor Terms and Conditions

  • NO PACKING BEFORE SHOW CLOSES. Please stay set-up until close of show.
  • No refunds.
  • Approved food vendors must present liability insurance and health certificate of the county.
  • The sale of guns, BB & paint guns, knives, cross bows, fireworks, alcohol,tobacco, e-cigarettes, ammo, martial arts, ivory, animals, used bedding, drug paraphernalia, and pornography is prohibited.  Subversive or immoral materials are NOT allowed.
  • Gambling, drinking, swearing or acts detrimental to the good reputation of the Market will result in the seller’s permit being revoked.
  • The SELLER is responsible for CLEANING his own area and MUST removeall trash and unsold items.
  • No soliciting without prior permission of the Management.
  • No distribution of flyers, Ads, etc. without approval. This rule will be strictly enforced.Violators will have seller’s permit revoked immediately.
  • Seller agrees to accept and assume full liability for any loss or injury to himself, agents, customers, or employees at any time or from any cause while on the premises of the Market.
  • Management reserves the right to assign spaces when necessary and to revoke this permit and right to sell at any time; and to refuse issuing a permit to any Vendor whose merchandise, appearance, or actions are detrimental to the Good Nature of this Market. We reserve the right to revoke any seller’s permit and eject an exhibitor at our discretion.
  • All indoor tables should be covered.  Please bring table covers.
  • To comply with any and all requirements of any federal, state or local authorities and to indemnify Management & Owners of Market from all liability.
  • No games of chance, skill, lotteries, raffles, grab-bags, or any other similar type of venues are allowed; AND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Please follow all Illinois state guidelines & restrictions regarding COVID19
  • We do not offer vendor exclusives
  • Lake County Fairgrounds and Zurko Enterprises, Inc. not liable for injury or illness as a result of a mass gathering
  • Vendor agrees to these rules by setting up & selling at this event
  • Information subject to change without notice.  Please contact Zurko Promotions at 715-526-9769 for questions.

Grayslake (Chicagoland) Illinois Antique Vintage Flea Market

This Antique Vintage Flea Market is an upscale vintage and antique inspired indoor/outdoor market featuring a fantastic variety of antiques, vintage, estate jewelry, vintage clothing, collectibles, comics, tv/movie memorabilia, mid century modern, furniture, vintage jewelry, vintage decor, vintage home décor, vintage experts, decorative arts, vintage lighting, decorating, design, country furniture, original art, old toys, advertising, coins, and more!  Grayslake Antique Market offers a unique shopping experience.

Rummage through a spectacular variety of antiques at the monthly Grayslake (Chicagoland) Illinois Antique Flea Market!

The Grayslake Illinois Antique Flea Market opens on the second Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday. During the summer this market almost doubles in size, that is when sellers all come out of hibernation to showcase their antiques and retro goodies.

It can be really enjoyable to look at antiques from the past with the family. Explore the past together and start up conversations about the history of the items you are looking at. Bonus, you never know if the antique you find is a hidden treasure worth lots of money!

Each item at the Grayslake Illinois Antique Flea Market has a story to tell, whether it’s a retro 1950’s apron that was used to protect a suburban housewife from splashes in the kitchen or a silver hand mirror engraved with intricate roses and leaves – these objects have lived long and interesting lives.

Vendor Information

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Grayslake Chicago Illinois Antique Vintage Flea Market
Grayslake Chicago Illinois Antique Vintage Flea Market

Romantic Homes Magazine listed the Grayslake Antique Market as one of the top Antique Vintage Flea Markets in the U.S. and in Illinois.

Lake County Fairgrounds

1060 E Peterson Road
Grayslake, IL 60030 United States

Lake County Fairgrounds

1060 E Peterson Road
Grayslake, IL 60030 United States

Upcoming Shows

Show Hours: Saturday 9am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 3pm | $7

The Lake County Fairgrounds has notified us that only “Licensed Service Dogs” are permitted on the Lake County Fairgrounds during the Grayslake Antique Flea Markets. Thank you for your cooperation.

Shoppers find treasures at antique show at Lake County Fairgrounds
By Long Hwa-Shu Special to The News-Sun

Despite the sagging economy, antique collectors and holiday shoppers with an eye for the vintage and whimsical were out in force at the Grayslake Antique & Collectible Markets on the weekend.

The soggy weather Saturday, with downpours at times, hardly dented the buyers’ spirit. Bob Zurko, promoter of the two-day show, estimated a record attendance of 3,000 people before it was over at 3 p.m. Sunday. The show with 220 exhibitors from all over the Midwest was held in the exhibition hall at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake.

“In this or any economy, people want to put their money into things that will go up in value,” said Zurko of Shawano, Wis., who has been promoting the monthly show for over 35 years.

“Collectors will go out of their way to find unusual, special items that have intrinsic value,” he added.

Items on display at the show included porcelains, estate jewelries, old toys, vintage clothing, country furniture, lamps, paintings, primitives and odds and ends. Vendors took up 1,200 tables.

“You can buy Roman coins. Victoria-era antiques, and also modern-day collectibles here,” Zurko said.

Unique items included a Sept. 3, 1943, issue of Newsweek with Adolf Hitler on the cover from Kamin’s of Elgin, asking price $25; a toy cement truck from the 1920s from Don Swetzig of Holy Hill, Wis., priced at $1,995; an 1863 water color with a religious theme from Laura Barry of Chicago, just $65. Clint Pagel, a jeweler from North Liberty, Ind., carried collections from Czechoslovakia, and also from India and Mexico.

“I have items for all budgets from $15 to $1,500,” he said.

Unlike at regular stores, you can bargain down the price, which makes it all the more appealing for buying at a fair such as this.

Nick Bizzoni from Rockford listed a statue of Nipper of his Master’s Voice fame for $165. It attracted a few prospective buyers, including one woman who said she wanted to talk to her husband first. Well, she was a bit too late.

Nipper, which Bizzoni estimated to be 50-60 years old, quickly found a new home when another buyer appeared. The man bargained it down to $140, which Bizzoni quickly accepted.

“You’ll love it. It’s a collector’s item,” he said as he gingerly placed it in a bag for the buyer.

Janet Ecklebarger of Addison bought a General Electric toaster, made in the 1950s, for her daughter’s birthday.

“I just like the look of it,” said Ecklebarger, as she was writing a check for Rick Rhodes of Midwest Toaster Authority, which also sells vintage waffle makers. One toaster on display, dating back to 1929, had a mechanical timer on it. The asking price: $100.

Bob Marques of Racine, Wis., bought a swan TV lamp from the 1950s, which he happily called “a good deal.”

“I just love the show. I’ve been here a dozen times. I keep on coming back because it has higher-end things,” said Marques.

A buyer from Lincolnshire who gave her name as P.J. Ellis bought Irish linen and other things from Kathy Costano of Grayslake, who also sells chandeliers and silverware.

“This is a good place for Christmas shopping. I’ll come back,” she said, showing her bag filled with two stuffed animals, a bunny and an owl.

Participants, dealers and the public like the location, as compared with the old fairgrounds, because, as Zurko said, ii is “convenient, with air-conditioning in summer, easy access to restrooms and plenty of parking.”

Grayslake Vintage & Antique Market

Grayslake is a Chicago Illinois Antique Vintage Flea Market, which is mostly indoors in the winter – all under one large roof, as this is one of the few covered antique vintage flea markets in Illinois. The Grayslake Illinois Antique Vintage Flea Market place is a paradise for all kind of collectors: antique furniture, old paintings, used watches, old jewelry, silverware, toys, curiosa. Plenty of stands with antiques and collectibles from Chicago Illinois and the Midwest. Additionally, the Grayslake Illinois Antique and Flea Market holds an annual Mid Night Illinois Flea Market!

Open air Illinois Antique Vintage Flea Market

Spring, Summer, and Fall you’ll find outside vendors selling antiques, vintage, mid century modern, country furniture, shabby chic, estate jewelry, artwork, collectibles and more!

The feel

This Grayslake (North Chicago) Illinois Antique Flea Market is a cozy, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 1,000’s of antique treasures and flea market items. Oddities and loads of antiques collectibles selected with a good eye. The Grayslake Chicago Illinois Antique Flea Market is an interesting place to visit, especially if you are tired of visiting museums, flea markets with new items, or looking for something to do in Grayslake (North Chicago) Illinois.


The Grayslake Chicago Illinois Antique Vintage Flea Market sells drinks and food onsite. It is a large modern facility with excellent lighting and climate controlled!

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