Trick and Treats (post-production) Old Treat

2022Night Sky (TV Series) Old Lady

    Old Lady (as Elizabeth J. Moisant)

2022Darkroom (TV Series) Nathan’s Grandma

2017Shameless (TV Series)  Flo

1969Medium Cool Gun Clinic Lady

Good day, here’s to sharing Elizabeth J. Moisant’s Skull Journey to Stage, Screen & T.V. during the past 77 years. Being AFTRA for about 50 of those years and Qualified for SAG.  Elizabeth Finally Joined SAG Shen Finding at the age of 85 she could still drive to auditions. At the age of 7 she first started by jumping across rooftops hanging off scaffolding Watching CUBS games while her father (who started the sign painter’s union in Chicago) Painted signs. In 4thGrade, Elizabeth Gleefully started acting which allowed her to use her loud voice and sing to slide down the banister from the second floor at Central School. That building is no longer there Hmmm. That’s also when she use a smile and concentrated, on conversation, going door to door for the school newspaper driver. the picture was in the local newspaper when she won 1st place for most newspapers collected in fourth grade. In the summer of her 6th grade, Elizabeth Took Acting Classes and didn’t’ stop until realizing just how easy it is. To break down the 4th wall She was in Evanston’s Children’s theater and won Northwestern’s scholarship for the Highschool clubs’ program in the state speech contest and while at Grinnell College did Summer Theater again Radio in college Guarded with stage experience it’s only right that after college she worked or a year hitchhiking her way through Europe & was delighted with a 14th-century style Punch & Judy.

When coming back to Chicago: she secured a job at Second City, Waited Tables watching the actors, asked Ethel Merman to please move aside while she tried to balance a tray full of drinks, and observed Hollywood actors doing Improve techniques what fun life is.

When taking care of her family she taught third and fourth graders how to act, with Goody and Voice How to build characters and hold an audience’s attention how to write and tell their own stories of which there are only three kinds, Man against man, man against science and man against the unknown.

Elizabeth through her connections at Second City helps Viola Spooling in Getting “Theater Games Published by North Western University.

A pound Lineage people who worked for kings and queens, a great grandfather who was Sweden’s Chess champion, A grandfather who was one of the founding members of the teamsters union in Chicago, and her father who served in WWI and founded the sign painters union.

We know that Elizabeth would like to share what she has learned over the many years under the umbrella of Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc. After all,… Halloween is coming.

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