Collectorabilia Show & Sale

Resch Expo, Green Bay, Wisconsin


November 26, 2022

The Collectorabilia – A Blast From the Past is the geekiest event around!!  Toy, comic and collectible vendors with merchandise from different eras and genres.

We like to give you the chance to get some amazing one of a kind items from yesteryear and the collectables of today so you can see the items up close and personal.

You may find retro games, consoles, pop culture, toys, action figures, comics, graphic novels, art, craft, Lego, bartop arcades, modern collectables, funko pops, t-shirts, wrestling merchandise, Pokemon, Transformers, japanese imports, sports memorabilia, TV/Movie Memorabilia, antiques and much much more!!

Whether you collect old school Star Wars, 80’s memorabilia or modern pop culture there is something for everyone – big kids and little kids alike! Relive, remember and re-enjoy!

Collectorabilia is cosplay friendly too!

American Antiques
Event Sponsored by American Antiques & Jewelry.

Resch Expo
840 Armed Forces Drive
Ashwaubenon, WI 54304

Saturday November 26: 8am to 5pm / $7.  Tickets available at the gate.  Kids 12 and under free with adult.  Free parking.

Please visit our website for more information

*More information to be posted – please call Zurko Promotions at 715-526-9769 for more information. 

Collectorabilia Show and Sale

November 26 Special Guests

Through no fault of Kristy and Jimmy McNichol, they will no longer be appearing at the November 26 event.
We apologize for our needing to reschedule them to a future date.
*All guests subject to change or cancellation without notice.
John Jackson Miller

John Jackson Miller

New York Times bestselling author and Wisconsin resident John Jackson Miller has spent a lifetime immersed in science fiction. His Star Trek novels include the upcoming hardcover novel Strange New Worlds — The High Country, the Picard novel Rogue Elements, Discovery...

Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Jason Moore is an amazing artist known for horror titles with Chaos Comics, Elvira Mistress of the Dark comics, Batman Haunted Gotham, Spiderman the Osbourne Journal and more. He also is a Masters of the Universe artist. Providing art for The Power of...

Scott Beaderstadt

Scott Beaderstadt

Collectorabilia November 26 welcomes back Scott Beaderstadt! The ever-Lovin' Blue eyed Scott Beaderstadt is best known for his critically acclaimed self-published TROLLORDS. He has also done work for Marvel, DC and Archie Comics.  Scott is a major contributor to the...

Dave “Elvis” Ehlert

Dave “Elvis” Ehlert

Dave "Elvis" Ehlert Dave “Elvis” Ehlert has been performing as the “King” since 1965, that’s 12 years BEFORE Elvis died. He has portrayed Elvis on stage during the terms of NINE U.S. PRESIDENTS! His voice has been considered the closest to Elvis by even Presidents of...

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November 26, 2022

840 Armed Forces Dr.,
Ashwaubenon, WI 54304

Vendor Terms and Conditions

  • NO PACKING BEFORE SHOW CLOSES. Please stay set-up until close of show.
  • No refunds.
  • Approved food vendors must present liability insurance and health certificate of the county.
  • The sale of guns, BB & paint guns, knives, cross bows, fireworks, alcohol,tobacco, e-cigarettes, ammo, martial arts, ivory, animals, used bedding, drug paraphernalia, and pornography is prohibited.  Subversive or immoral materials are NOT allowed.
  • Gambling, drinking, swearing or acts detrimental to the good reputation of the Market will result in the seller’s permit being revoked.
  • The SELLER is responsible for CLEANING his own area and MUST removeall trash and unsold items.
  • No soliciting without prior permission of the Management.
  • No distribution of flyers, Ads, etc. without approval. This rule will be strictly enforced.Violators will have seller’s permit revoked immediately.
  • Seller agrees to accept and assume full liability for any loss or injury to himself, agents, customers, or employees at any time or from any cause while on the premises of the Market.
  • Management reserves the right to assign spaces when necessary and to revoke this permit and right to sell at any time; and to refuse issuing a permit to any Vendor whose merchandise, appearance, or actions are detrimental to the Good Nature of this Market. We reserve the right to revoke any seller’s permit and eject an exhibitor at our discretion.
  • All indoor tables should be covered.  Please bring table covers.
  • To comply with any and all requirements of any federal, state or local authorities and to indemnify Management & Owners of Market from all liability.
  • No games of chance, skill, lotteries, raffles, grab-bags, or any other similar type of venues are allowed; AND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Please follow all Wisconsin state guidelines & restrictions regarding COVID19
  • We do not offer vendor exclusives
  • Resch Expo and Zurko Enterprises, Inc. not liable for injury or illness as a result of a mass gathering
  • Vendor agrees to these rules by setting up & selling at this event
  • Information subject to change without notice.  Please contact Zurko Promotions at 715-526-9769 for questions.

Resch Center Expo

840 Armed Forces Dr.
Green Bay, WI 54304

Resch Center Collectorabilia
Green Bay Collectorabilia Show
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