[The Bloody Brit]

Born in Worcester, England, Claire Llewellyn, [nickname “Fluff”], is an actress/filmmaker/writer/poet.

As an actress she has appeared in both mainstream & Indie movies/T.V. Her favourite roles were as a

waitress in ‘Shameless’ & a nun on several episodes of ‘The Exorcist’ T.V. series.

As a filmmaker she has produced/written & starred in four films: Visitation, Hobo With a Trash Can,

Director’s Cut, Conscience. She also directs.

As a writer/poet she has published three poetry books. Her first, ‘LOVE is a KILLER’, is firmly

planted in her favourite genre—HORROR. The other two, ‘RHYME & REASON: Facets of a Life’ and

‘RASCALS INC.’, are non-genre with the latter being an illustrated children’s book for charity.

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