Christopher Kahler is a multi-instrumental musician & all-around filmmaker. At age eighteen he took to the stage as a bassist for the notorious punk rocker G.G. Allin. He played several Chicago shows as a ‘Toilet Rocker’ & even has some surviving photos & video from that time. Some years later he found himself composing/recording scores for indie films. This inspired him to make his own. Being a crew of one, he taught himself all aspects of filmmaking, excelling as an editor in particular.

In front of the camera, he has become a well known background character in Chicago productions. With his discernible long hair & beard, he has played many roles from ‘bikers, bums, junkies & Jesus’. His beard even earned him a speaking role as a Jewish Mafia bodyguard in the hit series ‘Power Book IV: Force’.
He is currently finishing his modern Giallo feature, ‘Steal Your Face’, & plans to make a comedic shark movie, ‘Sharkago’, next. You will find him on Tubi TV as the title character in ‘Hobo With A Trash Can’, an anthology in which he also directed a segment & was the over-all feature editor.

Cast as ‘Leatherface’ in the up coming fan film, ‘The Evil Three’

Christopher Kahler

DuPage County Fairgrounds

Flea Market
2015 Manchester Rd,
Wheaton, IL 60187
Phone: 715-526-9769
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