If you ever wanted to run away and join the Circus, here’s your chance on August 19 at the World Famous All Night Flea Market in Wheaton, Illinois.

Introducing: “The BOZEUM” Celebrating the history of Bozo the Clown!

To honor Joey D’Auria’s appearance Zurko Promotions has made arrangements for a special display featuring: “The BOZEUM” – A celebration of Bozo the Clown’s History! In this fun display showcasing 100’s of original vintage Bozo the Clown treasures from 1946 to 2023, “The BOZEUM” will have a unique emphasis on rare promotional and advertising memorabilia from the hugely popular Chicago TV shows: “BOZO’S CIRCUS” and “The BOZO SHOW” from 1961 to 2001.

TOM HOLBROOK, a 2023 Wheaton Illinois All Night Flea Market Guest.

 Tom Holbrook is the “BOZOLOGIST.” Inspired at the age of five to begin collecting by his Mom, Tom became a historian, researcher and collector of all things Bozo. Over the last 54 years Holbrook has amassed a circus tent full of fun Bozo memorabilia and is the creator of “The BOZEUM.” His passion led to self-publishing: “The Bozo Chronicles” (The Origin and history of The Capitol Clown 1946 to 1956) in 2010 and David Eaton’s autobiography “Being Bozo” with a foreword by Joey D’Auria in 2020. See Google Books under the same titles.

As a youth Tom Holbrook was mentored by Marshall “Wizzo the Wacky Wizard” Brodien and Roy “Cooky the Clown” Brown, both popular cast members of Chicago’s “Bozo’s Circus,” to follow in their footsteps as an entertainer. Holbrook’s talents as a professional clown, magician and character actor led him to performing on Television and Stage. From 2002 to 2005 he worked with The Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation of Hollywood, Ca. portraying Bozo “The World’s Most Famous Clown” at personal appearances, license shows, charity events and variety shows across the country. Currently, Tom Holbrook is helping to continue Brodien’s magical legacy performing as “Everyone’s Favorite Wacky Wizard Wizzo” for special events and Alzheimer’s Awareness fundraising.                                                                  

Contact info: tommy.holbrook@yahoo.com & on Facebook. 

 ”The BOZEUM” will be a free special attraction for guests attending The All Night Flea Market.    


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Flea Market
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Wheaton, IL 60187
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